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Meccanica Nova SpA, a family company founded in 1937, is one of Europe's leading manufacturers of grinding systems.  The family is dedicated to making decisions based on what is right for grinding, because grinding is what they know best.  Today the business is still family owned and operated.

Meccanica Nova's product lines include Internal, External and Combined grinding machines, which typically serve the Automotive, Anti-Friction Bearing, Aircraft, Aerospace, and General Mechanical industries.

The Company Grows
Meccanica Nova Corporation was founded in 1994 by Meccanica Nova SpA. due to the importance of the North American market and increased market share in the United States.  Today Meccanica Nova Corporation is centrally located in Troy, Michigan, where the Sales, Marketing, Engineering, Spare Parts and Service Support operations are handled for both Meccanica Nova and Famir International products. 

Meccanica Nova Corporation and its parent, Meccanica Nova SpA remain dedicated to the grinding industry.  All of our World-Class grinding systems are built by ISO 9001 Certified Meccanica Nova SpA, an established world leader for the manufacture and supply of CNC grinding systems.  For over 60 years Nova's state-of-the-art grinding systems have been designed for quality, reliability and performance.  It's no surprise that leading companies in the automotive, aircraft and bearing industries worldwide have chosen Meccanica Nova as their grinding partner. 

In 1990 Meccanica Nova SpA wholly purchased Famir International, and today Famir products are supported worldwide by both Meccanica Nova SpA and Meccanica Nova Corporation.

A Family Business Providing Excellence and Innovation in Precision Grinding Since 1937!
Meccanica Nova's family founders in 1939.  This picture was taken about the time Nova delivered it's first ID Grinder.

(1939 - Bologna, Italy).


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