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Nova's Philosophy
Meccanica Nova, a  world leader in CNC Grinding Systems, offers complete grinding solutions for external, internal, combined and special grinding applications typically serving the automotive, aircraft, general mechanical and bearing industries.

Every Nova is designed to be flexible, accessible, reliable and ergonomic... but most of all rigid.  While offering the aforementioned, Nova grinders also provide environmental protection and operator safety according to EEC standards.  

Please take a moment to review the following key features that separate Nova from the rest:

  • Craftsmanship: Often unnoticed at first glance "behind-the-scene" details such as guarding and plate thickness and hand-scraped mating surfaces distinguish Nova over the competition. 

  • Durability: Our machines are manufactured to produce good parts three shifts per day, every day of the year for numerous years. Throughput is high with more good parts at the end of a shift.

  • Dry Floor Guarding: Our machines are guaranteed to be leak proof.

  • Accessibility: The machine units are accessible from all four corners and at ergonomic heights.

  • Layout: Floor space conservation and cell layout organization and redistribution are essential factors in machine design.

Customer Support
Meccanica Nova backs our state-of-the-art grinding systems with worldwide reliable pre and after sales support which includes: 

  • Facility and Cell Planning which are crucial when developing a robust, efficient manufacturing cell.  To ensure total success, Meccanica Nova provides prompt assistance from RFQ to Final Acceptance and beyond in these important areas.  Additionally, we can suggest and/or supply auxiliary components, such as Material Handling, Process Gauging, Coolant Filtration and Mist Collection Systems to best suit your manufacturing and facility requirements.

  • Installation, Runoff and Training to meet customer specifications and requirements

  • On-Going Assistance which is organized together with the customer to best suit production requirements.

  • 24-hour, 7-days-a-week emergency telephone number for service and technical support.

  • Guaranteed 24-hour service response with on-site service and engineering support.

  • Value-Added Spare Parts Programs.






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