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Meccanica Nova designs and manufactures flexible CNC Grinding Systems that feature excellent accessibility for quick change-over, serviceability and maximum up-time... while providing the rigidity required for the most demanding grinding applications.  Meccanica Nova is a Champion of Through-Put.  Environmental protection and operator safety to EEC standards also are key in our designs, as well as space saving and ergonomic layouts.  Our product offering includes Internal, External, Combined, Specialty and Constant Velocity Joint grinding machines.

Internal Grinding
Internal grinding can be the most technically challenging area in manufacturing today. Small parts with tight tolerances in large quantities require machines designed correctly from the base up. Meccanica Nova builds machines with the power and rigidity required to utilize the most advanced abrasives available today. Workpart holding, wheel dressing and gauging systems are all combined to provide the highest productivity day in and day out. Computer Numerical Control give users precision to a millionth of an inch, as well as the ability to change from one part to another in just minutes.

Nova internal grinders are used in all parts of the world to make small parts, such as bearings, fuel injectors and valve lifters, to giant parts such as landing gear struts.

Three work holding systems are available; roller/shoe type, magnetic/shoe type and chucking with front loader or through the spindle.  Tooling costs are low and change-over is rapid.

The bearing industry typically uses the magnetic/shoe system. Parts must be made from magnetic steel and have a ground OD and face.  When the part has a ground OD the roller/shoe system is used.  Chucking systems are available when the parts do not have ground external surfaces.  Internal Grinding Examples

External Grinding
External grinding is critical to many manufacturing organizations. The performance of parts such as bearings and C-V joints are directly tied to how well they were ground. At the same time external grinding is a bottleneck for most manufactures.

The Nova PGE series of external grinders are built to achieve roundness of less than .000020" with cycle times as short as a few seconds. Dressing systems are available to shape the wheel for roller bearing tracks, ball bearing grooves and C-V Joint cage ODís. External Grinding Examples

Combination Grinding
When components have multiple surfaces to be ground with tight geometrical tolerances between them, then combination grinding is the best process. With a component such as a gear, the part is chucked on the pitch diameter of the teeth. As many as 4 spindles can be utilized, 2 or 4 spindles can be placed on a turret.  These wheels can one at a time be presented to the part to grind the bore, the front face or the back face.

An independent set of slides can be arranged on the machine tangentially with a grinding wheel up to a 500mm's.  This wheel can grind an external surface while any one of the wheels on the turret is grinding simultaneously.

With this level of automation taking place inside the machine, post process gauges and gantry loaders are available to allow machines to run with minimal operator intervention for multiple shifts. Combination Grinding Examples

Constant Velocity Joint Grinding
Grinding of Constant velocity Joints for the Automotive Industry is a specialty of Meccanica Nova.  Machines are designed for many components of the CVJ and other automotive and on/off-highway applications.  The below are the most common:

- Outer Race (Bell): Internal Sphere and Ball Tracks
- Inner Race (Star): External and Ball Tracks
- Ball Cage: Internal, External and Windows

CVJ Grinding Examples



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