Meccanica NOVA is a world leading company that has been designing and manufacturing internal and external grinding systems as well as fully automated “turn-key” grinding cells for 80 years.

Located on the outskirts of Bologna, the company headquarters include a 10,000 square meter workshop provided with the latest equipment as well as a 3,000 square meter office building. The electricity required to smoothly operate the company’s daily production activities are fully produced by the photovoltaic system installed on the rooftop of the factory and parking structure.

Meccanica Nova boasts a staff of about 150 employees – a balanced mix of young graduates and highly skilled technicians with extensive work experience in the grinding sector.

The frequent changes on today’s market and the growing global competition require innovative grinding solutions. Therefore Meccanica Nova employs 20% of their staff in Research & Development activities aimed at fulfilling the increasing product requirements of emerging industries such as the energy sector and the last generation hybrid engine industry.


Meccanica Nova Corporation was founded in 1994 by Meccanica Nova SpA. due to the importance of the North American market and increased market share in the United States.  Today Meccanica Nova Corporation is centrally located in Troy, Michigan, where the Sales, Marketing, Engineering, Spare Parts and Service Support operations are handled for both Meccanica Nova and Famir International products.


1937 NOVA is founded by the three Novarese brothers. Starting out as a contractor, the small company is set to become one of the world leading manufacturer of numerical control grinding systems.

1939 NOVA manufactures its first internal grinding machine.

1948 NOVA exports its first grinding machine on the European market.

1967 NOVA acquires the license to manufacture external grinding systems by the American company Van Norman.

1980 NOVA is the first company in Europe to manufacture an internal grinding machine equipped with its own NOVA CNC.

1993 NOVA incorporates its competitor FAMIR INTERNATIONAL, Turin, thus attaining a competetive advantage on the market and boosting the company’s value.

1994 NOVA establishes Meccanica Nova Corporation in the US, in order to extend its business to the NAFTA markets.

2001 NOVA becomes ISO 9001 certified.

2007 NOVA celebrates its 70th anniversary by launching a new range of combined grinding machines for the automobile industry.

2008 NOVA inaugurates its photovoltaic power system, marking a big step forward in terms of environmental sustainability.

2012 NOVA establishes Meccanica Nova GmbH in order to consolidate its position on the German market.

2014 NOVA launched a new partnership with Rieckerman, thus further penetrating the Chinese market and gaining strategic importance in the country’s key industrial areas.

2016 The NOVA product range is expanded by the new grinding machine for the windows of CVJ cages.

2017 The company proudly celebrates its 80th anniversary.


The key to our success are the extraordinary skills of the people who make up our company.

We have always tried to emphasise the company structure on all levels. First of all at technical level, by sharing the corporate know-how with all employees. Secondly at human level, by encouraging a full cooperation within and between the single departments as well as promoting the employees’ personal development and skills.

Lastly at social level, by raising awareness on the importance of Meccanica NOVA for the whole local community, all employees, external collaborators and partners as well as for the young, bright minds that will find a steady and fulfilling job in our company.