Our machine range for the grinding of CVJ cages is completed by the new NOVA WH FLEX, which allows carrying out any grinding operation on the inside or outside diameter as well as on the cage windows.


The machine is extremely compact and its layout is designed to adapt to any space requirement of the customer. Being equipped with two grinding stations, the NOVA WH FLEX meets the utmost productivity standards. The two stations are opposite to one another and easily accessible during maintenance or change-over. The load/unload automated external equipment is fully customizable according to the production flow. The machine is also equipped with an integrated, pneumatic-controlled gantry loader with a double workpart load/unload station. Further characteristics:
– Pneumatic control machine.
– Workpart range Ø45-95mm, ≠55mm max.
– Automatic loader integrated in the machine.

For more information about our new NOVA WH FLEX please contact our experts.